This project builds on a novel cellular model of human aging (Sturm et al. Epigenomics 2019) where we can investigate trajectories of multiple molecular features of aging over long time periods. The underlying multi-omic dataset includes epigenomic (DNA methylation), proteomic (protein abundance), bioenergetics (mitochondrial respiration), telomere length, and various secreted factors. A major challenge for the DSI Fellow will be to integrate the multi-omic dataset to capture dynamic signatures of mitochondrial dysfunction and cellular aging, working collaboratively with other scientists. The existing project is expected to result in one or more publications. Possibility to continue work for pay over the summer.

Selected candidate(s) will receive a stipend directly from the faculty advisor. Amount is subject to available funding.

Faculty Advisor

  • Professor: Martin Picard
  • Department/School: Medical School (Psychiatry and Neurology)
  • Location: Medical Campus, 168th street
  • Our group integrates cell biology, high-throughput omics, and computational methods to understand brain-body processes central to human health

Project Timeline

  • Earliest starting date: 3/1/2019
  • End date: 8/1/2019
  • Number of hours per week of research expected during Spring 2020: ~10
  • Number of hours per week of research expected during Summer 2020: ~20-40

Candidate requirements

  • Skill sets: Data visualization, machine learning, and/or network analysis is desirable
  • Student eligibility: freshman, sophomore, junior, senior, master’s
  • International students on F1 or J1 visa: eligible
  • Additional comments: Must have the ability to work collaboratively with a team of scientists