• Question: With only one application form, how do I express interest in more than one project?

    Answer: It is recommended that you prioritize based on your interest and skills. To a large extent, the methods of data science can be translated from one domain to another so demonstrating core competency is paramount. If you feel the need, you can address a portion of your personal statement to the PIs of each program to which you are applying.

  • Question: I am a remote-only student and will not be available for in-person meetings. Can I still apply?

    Answer: You are still eligible for the program as a whole, however, some of the faculty may have a preference for in-person meetings. You are encouraged you to apply and, if selected, those details can be worked out between you and the project owner.

  • Question: I recently graduated in December, 2019. Am I still eligible for the program?

    Answer: Unfortunately, this program is oriented towards current students.

  • Question: I am unable to work in the spring (or summer). Are there projects that are open only in the summer (or spring)?

    Answer: Yes, some projects are only active in one term or the other. The start and end dates are listed on most project pages. Those without end-dates are ongoing. Furthermore, the periods during which each project are active are listed underneath the projects’ titles. You can select the term in which you are interested and scan for those exclusive to that time period.

  • Question: Is there still space to host interns for this program? I have a student researcher in my lab who was interested in participating.

    Answer: The distribution of matching funds has ended. However, we will be happy to host your student researcher in our learning activities as a DSI scholar for the Summer.

  • Question: Is there any kind of housing stipend/financial remuneration available for participating students.

    Answer: Most of the projects are providing stipends at the level of $5,000 for the duration of the project.

  • Question: I am a student in program A and am interested in Project B. Am I eligible to apply?

    Answer: All projects are open to qualified students. There is no restriction to specific academic programs.

  • Question: I will be working as a student researcher in lab xxx under the supervision of Professor YY this semester. I am interested in participating in the DSI scholars program’s activities (e.g., boot camp, weekly meet-ups, etc). Can I apply?

    Answer: Yes, with your faculty advisor’s permission, you are welcome to participate when space permits. The matching fund for stipend has all been given out but we welcome all undergraduate researchers to participate in the DSI scholars activities such as the boot camp, the weekly series and the fall poster social. Please write to dsi-scholars@columbia.edu.