• Question: I applied to the program by deadline. When will I hear back from faculty?

    Answer: Faculty will be reviewing applications between the student deadline of October 1st and October 23rd. If chosen for a project, faculty will contact you during that window and arrange for an interview or some sort of follow up. Not all projects successfully make selections during that time period, so an update will be sent to all students on October 23rd.

  • Question: I missed the deadline to apply, or I would like to hear about other opportunities.

    Answer: The Data Science Institute maintains a doc with current for-pay opportunities; between applications for this program it also includes research internships and volunteer positions. SEAS maintains a site with opportunties of various kinds, although they may not be data-specific.

  • Question: With only one application form, how do I express interest in more than one project?

    Answer: It is recommended that you prioritize based on your interest and skills. To a large extent, the methods of data science can be translated from one domain to another so demonstrating core competency is paramount. If you feel the need, you can address a portion of your personal statement to the PIs of each program to which you are applying.

  • Question: I recently graduated in May, 2020. Am I still eligible for the program?

    Answer: Unfortunately, this program is oriented towards current students.

  • Question: I am living remotely and have restricted availability during the workday in the U.S. Eastern time zone. Can I still apply?

    Answer: Most faculty are understanding of the difficulties of relocation and quarantine endured during COVID-19. The ability to participate on individual projects will vary by faculty with respect to the nature of the project and whether or not there are limitations with accessing research data. Our suggestion would be to indicate your location and availability for online communication.

  • Question: I am a student in program A and am interested in Project B. Am I eligible to apply?

    Answer: All projects are open to qualified students. There is no restriction to specific academic programs.

  • Question: Is it possible to receive academic credit for participating in this program?

    Answer: Yes, however that determination is ultimately up to your department and the project’s principal investigator. The option for academic credit is listed on each project’s page. To see if you are eligible and to learn about the process for getting approved, contact a program officer or director of study in your department.

  • Question: I’m interested in applying for a project on the site, but cannot find an option on the application form. Is this project accepting applications?

    Answer: There are two reasons why a project may be listed but not be available for applications. The first is that the project has already selected a student - this is visible on the project page. The second is that we are still in negotiations with the PI on how to list the project, or if it to list the project at all. These will be resolved as we get closer to the application deadline.

  • Question: I will be working as a student researcher in lab xxx under the supervision of Professor YY this semester. I am interested in participating in the DSI scholars program’s activities (e.g., boot camp, weekly meet-ups, etc). Can I apply?

    Answer: Yes, with your faculty advisor’s permission, you are welcome to participate when space permits. We welcome all undergraduate researchers to participate in the DSI scholars activities such as the boot camp, the weekly series and the fall poster social. Please write to dsi-scholars@columbia.edu.

  • Question: I missed the information session. Where can I find the slides and recording?

    Answer: Here and here respectively. A LionMail email address may be required to access these resources.