Columbia University Data Science Institute is pleased to announce that the Data Science Institute (DSI) and Data For Good Scholars programs for Fall 2022 are open for application.

The goal of the DSI Scholars Program is to engage Columbia University’s undergraduate and master’s students in data science research with Columbia faculty through a research internship. The program connects students with research projects across Columbia and provides student researchers with an additional learning experience and networking opportunities. Through unique enrichment activities, this program aims to foster a learning and collaborative community in data science at Columbia.

The Data For Good Scholars program connects student volunteers to organizations and individuals working for the social good whose projects have developed a need for data science expertise. As “real world” problems with real world data, these projects are excellent opportunities for students to learn how data science is practiced outside of the university setting and to learn how to work effectively with people for whom data science sits outside of their subject area.

The cohort of Fall 2022 projects are ready to accept applications, and can be seen here. To obtain a scroll of all projects, including those from past years, see here. We have created an umbrella application page to collect student applications. DSI Scholars projects have a wide range of duration and can be either paid or unpaid. Projects supported with stipends may have a trial period and are not a form of paid employment; please read each project description carefully before applying. Data For Good projects are primarily volunteer, although one student in each may be given a stipend to coordinate communication.

Slides from a previous year’s online information session can be found here, and a link to the recording can be found here. A LionMail email address may be required to access these resources.

Click here to access the umbrella application page.

The collected applications for each position will be sent to the hosting faculty/center/lab for review. The faculty/center/lab will review, identify and notify Scholars that they would like to interview and select for their own projects.

The Data Science Institute encourages women and underrepresented minorities to apply to these programs.

Key dates

The following timetable is subject to adjustments.

  • September 27th, 2022
    • [Students -> DSI] Student applications due.
  • October 14th, 2022 (expected)
    • [Faculty -> Student] Email offers of the internship will be sent to students.

Please email questions to, see our FAQ, or review slides and recording from last year’s information session.