A common challenge for students in heavy proof-based courses is to come up with a long sequence of logical arguments from the problem statement to the final solution. In doing so, they can often skip steps leading to logical leaps or downright incorrect solutions. Ideally the instructor should identify these mis-steps and help students master such proof-based course material. Here we want to take a data-driven approach to address this challenge.

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This project works with a novel corpus of text-based school data to develop a multi-dimensional measure of the degree to which American colleges and universities offer a liberal arts education. We seek a data scientist for various tasks on a project that uses analysis of multiple text corpora to better understand the liberal arts. This is an ongoing three-year project with opportunities for future collaborations, academic publications, and developing and improving existing data science and machine learning skills.

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Analyze data from one of the following library applications/systems and create visualizations that highlight the most important findings pertaining to the support of self-directed learning: Vialogues (TC Video Discussion Application), PocketKnowledge (TC Online Archive), DocDel (E-Reserve System), Pressible (Blogging Platform), Library Website and Mobile App.

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Columbia Data Science Institute (DSI) Scholars Program

The DSI Scholars Program is to engage and support undergraduate and master students in participating data science related research with Columbia faculty. The program’s unique enrichment activities will foster a learning and collaborative community in data science at Columbia.

Columbia University DSI

New York, NY